Registered Nursing Home Association

Choosing a Nursing Home

The RNHA is an organisation which provides support for Nursing Home Owners requiring its members to meet a high level of standards and service. 

Patients in Nursing Homes which are members of the RNHA can therefore expect to receive some of the best standards of service available from a Nursing Home within the United Kingdom.
Nursing Homes meeting RNHA standards can apply for membership of the association and these homes are entitled to display the “Blue Cross” as a visible demonstration of the high standards provided by the home.
To ensure that you choose a home of the highest standards insist that the home you choose is “A Blue Cross Home”.
Choosing a Home
If a Nursing Home is the appropriate option you need to think about which home will be most suitable. Moving a person from their own home is a big step, although if you choose the right home and the expected standards are met it should be a very positive move.

The quality standards you should expect:
  • Home staff are expected to know individual patients requirements, regularly asking for views and reviewing individual care offered on an ongoing basis.
  • Homes must have clearly defined policies and working practices to enable their staff to work effectively.
  • Homes must meet the standards set by CQC.
  • They should have internal systems to ensure they are meeting these standards.
  • The Manager of the home must be able to demonstrate that they have the skills and experience to run it.
 How do you know if the nursing home you are choosing meets these standards?

Nursing homes which are members of the RNHA have to meet the required quality standards prior to becoming a member. So when you choose a nursing home make sure it is a “Blue Cross Home”.

How to find a “Blue Cross” home in your area:

A database of all member homes is available Click Here  ,  

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