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Autumn Statement
23rd December, 2016
During the lead up to the Autumn Statement everybody involved with Adult Social Care was convinced that the Chancellor would take the opportunity of outlining how he planned to do something about the funding of Adult Social Care which the Care Quality Commission had identified within their publication of the State of Care Report on 13th October, was at a “tipping point”. Sadly, that was not the case. A joint letter has been sent to Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health and Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government which can be read here
Give us better, more timely information about the patients you are discharging to us, nursing homes tell hospitals
18th July, 2016
Nursing homes need better, more timely information from hospitals when patients are discharged or returned into their care, the RNHA says. In its response to Care Quality Commission (CQC) recommendations for improving co-ordination between health and social care providers, the RNHA wants the NHS to review the way it interacts with nursing home staff on important clinical matters that can materially affect individuals' recovery in the period immediately after their hospital discharge.
"What's the catch?" asks RNHA after Department of Health announces interim uplift in NHS-funded nursing care rate
18th July, 2016
"What's the catch?" is the RNHA reaction to the Department of Health's announcement of an uplift in the NHS contribution paid to cover the cost of nursing provided to both local authority-funded and self-paying residents of care homes. "We welcome the fact that a detailed review of actual nursing costs in care homes has led to an increase in the weekly amount to be paid - from £112 to £156.25," said RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell. "On the face of it, this is a step in the right direction. But we have concerns about the fact that the increase is described as an interim award, which according to the Department of Health could be reduced for some nursing home residents after further analysis of the figures."
Call for new government to plug £930 million social care funding gap as national living wage takes effect
14th July, 2016
New Prime Minister Theresa May's government needs urgently to get to grips with the unprecedented crisis enveloping social care, the RNHA warns, as figures released in a report from directors of adult social services across England reveal a £930 million funding gap for 2016/17. The report says the flexibility given to councils to increase council tax by up to 2% a year specifically for social care has raised less than two thirds of the amount needed just to meet providers' increased costs following introduction of the national living wage.
Ministers' and mandarins' minds possibly more on Brexit and leadership contests than on meeting nursing costs of older people in care
11th July, 2016
Many tens of thousands of care home residents in England are still waiting to find out how much they should have been receiving since 1st April 2016 from the NHS towards the weekly cost of their nursing care - with no date yet having been set by the government for exactly when they will know or when the money will start being paid to them. The RNHA says the continuing delay is unacceptable and places additional pressures on older people and the care homes that look after them. Chief executive officer Frank Ursell commented: "Whether or not the rest of their costs are publicly funded, every resident of every nursing home has a right to funded nursing care."
RNHA calls for help in improving the oral health of older people in care homes
7th July, 2016
NHS dental services need to become more easily available to care home residents if their oral health is to be improved in future years, says the RNHA. It wants the government and the dental profession to come up with specific plans to help care homes assess the oral health needs of newly admitted residents, maintain good oral hygiene for all their residents, and guarantee prompt and effective dental treatment when required. Responding to guidelines published this week by NICE (the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) on the oral health of adults in care homes, RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell said care home managers and staff need more expert help and advice on how best to keep their residents free from tooth decay.
MBE for Frank Ursell in Queen's birthday honours
14th June, 2016
Frank Ursell, chief executive officer of the RNHA, has been awarded an MBE in the Queen's birthday honours. RNHA national chair Ian Turner described it as a "well deserved recognition of Frank's unstinting efforts on behalf of the nursing home sector over many years". Mr Turner added: "Frank's commitment to driving up standards of care is second to none. He has been and remains a stalwart of common sense, practical solutions to many of the challenges facing nursing home owners and managers. He cares passionately about the health and wellbeing of older people needing 24-hour care in a nursing home environment. This award acknowledges the outstanding contribution Frank has made. I and my colleagues in the RNHA extend our warmest congratulations to him."
RNHA backs National Audit Office call for radical changes to help tackle delayed hospital discharges
31st May, 2016
Nursing homes can play a key role in helping hospitals discharge older patients as soon as they no longer need acute treatment. Responding to a recent National Audit Office (NAO) report, RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell called on the NHS to work more systematically with the adult social care sector. "By working together in a more coordinated manner than is generally the case right now, the NHS and social care would ensure a smooth, swift and efficient transfer of older people from hospital into more appropriate care environments," he said.
RNHA slams CQC fees hike
31st March, 2016
Speaking on behalf of nursing homes across the country, the RNHA has expressed its bitter disappointment that the Care Quality Commission is putting up the fees it charges them to be part of the regulated care market. RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell commented: "The CQC ran a consultation to ask whether we would prefer a fee increase phased in over two or four years - pain sooner rather than later or pain a bit more spread out. We opted for the latter. Instead, the CQC has ignored what we said and imposed a hefty increase straight away. So much for consultation."
Recommendation for nurses to remain on shortage occupation list
29th March, 2016
The Migration Advisory Committee has reluctantly called on the government to keep nurses on the shortage occupation list for the time being. It says the current shortage is closely linked to cuts in training places by almost a fifth between 2009 and 2013, poor workforce planning and continued financial pressures on NHS budgets. The MAC recommends a maximum annual cap of 5,000 places, with the limit gradually reducing over the next three years. It also suggests that employers should have to complete a resident labour market test before recruiting from outside the EEA.
RNHA Spring 2016 Roadshows
16th March, 2016
The RNHA is about to embark on its Spring 2016 series of roadshows. Due to take place in Birmingham, Bournemouth, Exeter, Leeds and London between 19th April and 11th May, they will cover a wide range of practical topics. These include: CQC inspections; capitalising on NHS England initiatives to make better use of care homes; NMC revalidation; infection control; the government's campaign to cut out red tape and allow businesses to focus on what really matters; the potential for care apprenticeships in our sector; overseas recruitment and its continuing importance; negotiating with local authorities and clinical commissioning groups...and much, much more. If you want to book a place, contact Irene Hunt at RNHA head office by phoning 0121-451 1088 or by email at info@rnha.co.uk
Government failure to fund national living wage in social care could hit hospitals much harder than junior doctors' strike
11th March, 2016
As the NHS struggles with the disruptions to patient services caused by the junior doctors' strike, the RNHA has warned of serious challenges ahead for hospitals if many care homes are forced out of business by the government's failure to fund the cost of the national living wage.
Broad welcome for 'think tank' report calling for funding switch from bed blocking to better social care
7th March, 2016
A recently published ResPublica 'think tank' report describes how up to £3.3 billion is likely to have been wasted by 2021 on keeping patients in hospital who, from a medical perspective, no longer need to be there. The report, which calls for the money being spent on 'bed blocking' to be diverted into improved social care, has been broadly welcomed by organisations ranging from the GMB union to many large care providers, as well as by older people's champion Baroness Bakewell and Dr Sarah Wollaston MP, Chair of the Health Select Committee.
RNHA calls for emergency cash injection into social care to help alleviate NHS bed blocking crisis
8th February, 2016
The RNHA has called for an emergency cash injection by the government into social care so that local authorities can purchase more care home places to alleviate the £900 million bed blocking crisis hitting NHS acute hospitals. This follows a report last week from the government's NHS efficiency 'trouble-shooter' Lord Carter calling for greater collaboration between hospital trusts and the social care sector so that patients needing a form of intermediate care after a hospital stay can be transferred more quickly into community settings, including care homes.
RNHA appeals to BMA on GP care home visits
2nd February, 2016
The RNHA has expressed concern at a motion passed last week-end by BMA's special conference of Local Medical Committees to change the basis on which GPs provide services to care home residents. Said RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell: "The statement issued by the BMA makes it sound as though GPs are being routinely called upon to provide the highly specialised treatment that hospital consultants and their teams should be providing. "That is not how we, in the care home sector, see it. Moving into a care home because their overall health and well-being requires them to do so should not deny our residents access to the full range of primary care services they would otherwise receive if they were still at home."
RNHA welcomes MPs' positive comments about care homes but condemns minister's response as 'lame and predictable'
20th January, 2016
The RNHA has welcomed what it described as the 'many positive comments made by MPs about care homes' in a recent debate about the state of the sector in the House of Commons. RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell pointed to the opening remarks by Peter Kyle, MP for Hove, who both highlighted the urgent need for extra government cash for social care and described care homes as 'an essential part of our social care network'. Mr Kyle told Parliament he had spoken to local independent care home managers who 'talked with kindness, compassion and outright professionalism about the people they care for day in and day out' and that this had left a deep impression on him.

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