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Study finds that care home residents' experience of care generally exceeds their expectations
9th December, 2011
Most of the care home residents who took part in a study by the Personal Social Services Research Unit (PSSRU) at the University of Kent told researchers that their actual experience of living in a care home had been better than they expected. The residents interviewed for the study - once just after moving into their care home and again three months or more later - generally found that they had more say over their lives than expected. They also felt their quality of life had improved, their health and other needs were being met, and their social life was as good as or better than it had previously been.
All councils must pay care home fees that actually reflect the real costs of care for older people
11th November, 2011
Following a legal judgement in the North West, local authorities throughout England and Wales will need to make sure the fees they pay care homes to look after older people reflect the actual costs of providing care. This is the warning to councils issued by the RNHA after care homes in the Sefton area won a legal battle against their local authority for freezing their fees for the past two years running.
'Car crash waiting to happen': Government's failure to ring-fence resources for elderly care
28th October, 2011
A car crash waiting to happen is how the RNHA has described the government's failure to ring-fence new funding for councils to spend on elderly care services. RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell expressed no surprise at House of Commons research figures showing that, despite previous government assurances that it was giving councils a 'real terms' increase to spend on social care by 2014-15, the fact that there was no ring-fencing of the cash means the money has been diverted elsewhere.
Nursing homes say CQC has imposed disproportionately high fees on them compared with NHS
4th October, 2011
The registration and inspection fees the Care Quality Commission (CQC) charges nursing homes are way over the odds compared with the fees it charges large NHS hospitals, it has been claimed. The RNHA has accused the care regulator of totally disproportionate and unfair behaviour in its scales of fees. There is one law for the relatively small nursing home provider, it says, and a completely different law for a typical NHS acute hospital.
Nursing homes have the skills the NHS lacks in care of elderly, says RNHA chief
3rd October, 2011
The RNHA said that the furore about Royal College of Nursing general secretary Peter Carter's call for relatives to help look after patients in the elderly care wards of NHS hospitals had focused minds on the kind of support which frail, older people needed and which, in a cash-strapped NHS, was increasingly difficult to provide. Responding to media coverage of Mr Carter's comments, RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell said: "With an NHS clearly struggling to cope, I believe the time has come for greater collaboration than ever before between acute NHS hospitals and local nursing homes situated within their catchment areas."
RNHA welcomes proposals for more inspections of care homes
20th September, 2011
The RNHA has welcomed what it calls 'a new direction of travel' in proposals published by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) for regulating care homes in England. In particular, the RNHA welcomes the CQC pledge to inspect most services more often. The association has previously expressed serious concerns about the reduction in care home inspections over the past two years, believing that the credibility of any regulatory system in the public's mind rests on the foundation stone of trained inspectors visiting premises to see what is going on for themselves.
RNHA supports Commons Health Committee call for more inspections of care homes
15th September, 2011
The RNHA has welcomed the House of Commons Health Committee's call for more inspections to be carried out to check on the standards of care being provided. Responding to the Health Committee's criticisms of way in which the Care Quality Commission (CQC) has been handling the regulation of care providers, the RNHA pointed to the fact that it had called earlier this year for routine inspections of nursing home premises to be re-instated. RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell commented: "We have been saying for a long time that inspections were a priority. Our view, which is shared by the Health Committee, is that the whole regulation process has become too remote and too mechanistic."
Dilnot proposals fairer for individuals - but will make no difference to immediate funding crisis facing social care
11th July, 2011
Proposals from the Dilnot Commission for a fairer system of funding social care have been welcomed by the RNHA. However, the RNHA warns that the introduction of a £35,000 cap on individuals' contributions will, in itself, do virtually nothing to solve the current funding crisis that threatens to close hundreds of nursing homes across the country in the next few years.
Nursing homes call on government to wake up to funding crisis on elderly care
6th June, 2011
Britain is spending too small a proportion of its national income (GDP) on long-term care to be able to meet the level and complexity of older people's needs, especially those of the over-80s who rely most on such services. Citing a recent OECD report, Help Wanted? Providing and Paying for Long-Term Care, the RNHA says that both national government and local authorities are spreading too little jam too thinly and, as a result, are starving older people's services of public money.
Prime Minister challenged to stop councils slashing services needed by retired armed forces personnel
17th May, 2011
Prime Minister David Cameron has been given a challenge by Britain's nursing homes following his statement that the government intends to give legally binding effect to its military covenant with armed forces personnel. The RNHA said the Prime Minister could start by taking action to protect retired members of the army, navy and airforce from being exploited and ignored by penny-pinching local authorities.
RNHA roadshow events to debate the challenges facing care for older people
11th April, 2011
Over the next six weeks nursing home owners, managers and staff from all parts of England will be congregating at a series of regional roadshows organised by the RNHA to discuss and debate the main challenges facing them in their efforts to raise care standards. Topics on their agenda include how to measure quality, recruiting and retaining good staff, and making sure that local authorities pay a fair price for the 24-hour care that nursing homes provide to individuals who qualify for public funding of their costs. Roadshow venues include Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Southampton, Ashford, Cambridge, Knutsford, Harrogate and London. RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell said it was vital that nursing homes across the country should be ready and able to address the problems caused by government and local authority cutbacks in expenditure.
RNHA wants action against councils that do not fulfil their responsibilities to older people with care needs
24th March, 2011
The RNHA says it is scandalous that local authorities are failing to abide by even their basic statutory duties towards older people. Responding to a new report from the Counsel and Care Advice Service, the RNHA said it confirmed that government cuts in expenditure were being widely used as a cloak behind which poorly performing councils sought to hide their own deficiencies.
RNHA shares public's concerns over lack of care home inspections
11th March, 2011
The RNHA shares the concerns expressed on the BBC Six o' Clock News that relatively few care homes will continue to be inspected by the Care Quality Commission, the national regulator for adult social care. Speaking today about the changes, RNHA chief executive officer Frank Ursell said his association supported calls for the re-introduction of inspections as a fundamental part of the scheme for regulating all care homes.
RNHA supports call for ring-fencing of government's adult social care grants
25th February, 2011
The RNHA has backed a Bupa report that calls for the ring-fencing of extra money the government has allocated to councils to spend on adult social care over the next four years. The RNHA also supports what it describes as the 'wake up call' to councils to start planning for the predicted increase in demand for residential and domiciliary care services that will come from an ageing population.
Care regulator told to put its own house in order before casting the first stone
1st February, 2011
The Care Quality Commission (CQC), which regulates nursing and residential care homes across the country, has come under fire for failing to complete even the most basic administrative tasks in a timely and efficient manner. According to the RNHA, many nursing homes have not yet been given their registration certificates by the regulator, despite having gone through all the stages of the full registration process before the start of October last year.
RNHA rejects idea of bringing recruitment of overseas care workers within GLA remit
7th January, 2011
The RNHA said it would be an expensive mistake to bring employment agencies supplying staff to social care services within the remit of the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA). Responding to a BBC Radio 4 Face the Facts programme on problems that some overseas care workers brought to the UK have experienced, the RNHA said extending the GLA remit to social care would add unnecessarily to the costs of providing services at a time when the public purse was already stretched to the limit.
MPs' dementia costs inquiry welcomed - provided it does not turn out to be part of the 'cuts' agenda
5th January, 2011
The RNHA has welcomed the setting up of an inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Dementia into the best use of public resources on meeting the needs of people with the condition. Given the projected increase in the prevalence of dementia over the next 20 to 30 years as the population ages, the RNHA said it was vital to ensure that properly funded services were being delivered.

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