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Prevent More Winter Deaths
3rd November, 2005
Government, local authorities and NHS need to get their act together to prevent more winter deaths
RNHA challenges government's response to OFT Report
27th August, 2005
A classic head in the sand case' is how the government's response to a recent Office of Fair Trading (OFT) report on care home fees has been described by the Registered Nursing Home Association (RNHA).
RNHA calls for Justice in review of continuing care criteria
1st August, 2005
The Registered Nursing Home Association (RNHA) has called on the Department of Health and Strategic Health Authorities to speed up their review of eligibility criteria for NHS-funded continuing care and to make sure older people receive the help and support they are entitled to.
Will the New Health Secretary be a better listener?
16th May, 2005
A plea for a more inclusive style of policy-making and implementation has gone out to newly appointed Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt from leaders of the UK's nursing home sector. Responding today to a statement from Mrs Hewitt that she intended to spend the next three months listening and learning from the real experts, the Registered Nursing Home Association (RNHA) expressed the hope that she would prove to be a better listener than her two predecessors had been.
Call to Extend Direct Payments
5th May, 2005
Older people who need round the clock nursing care should be able to make a positive choice to go into a nursing home if that is their preference. As the nation goes to the polls today to elect a new Parliament, the Registered Nursing Home Association (RNHA) is calling on those political parties who have been promoting greater choice in health and social care to ensure that campaign promises are put into practice.

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