Registered Nursing Home Association

Nursing Staff

Number and Qualifications of Nursing Staff

Each patient in a nursing home should expect to receive efficient nursing care, which means that suitably qualified and competent staff must be on duty day and night.

The number and type of nursing staff in a nursing home will be determined by the number and dependency of the patients. Other key factors include:

  • whether or not a medical practitioner is resident on the premises;
  • the number of floors in the nursing home and the number of patients on each floor;
  • the overall design of the building and the walking distances for staff;
  • means of evacuation in the event of fire, especially at night;
  • the balance between full-time and part-time staff.

In nursing homes which care for older people or those who are chronically sick, at least one 1st level nurse should be on duty throughout the day and night.


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