Registered Nursing Home Association

What is a Nursing Home?

A nursing home, as distinct from a residential care home, has to provide the kind of care which requires the specific skills of a qualified nurse or the supervision of a qualified nurse. This may occur in a variety of circumstances. For example:

  • when a person's general health deteriorates to a point where they need constant nursing care;

  • where a person's health is such that one or more of the following procedures is required periodically over twenty-four hours:

  • administration of medication by injection;

  • dressing to an open or closed wound;

  • artificial feeding;

  • basic nursing care of the type normally given to people confined to bed;

  • frequent attention as a result of double or single incontinence;

  • intensive rehabilitation following surgery or a debilitating disease which is likely to continue for some time;

  • management of complex prostheses or appliances.


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